We can’t limit climate change if we don’t change the way we travel.

Private car journeys cause about 20% of all carbon emissions in the UK — and in Market Drayton the percentage is likely to be higher since getting around a rural area without a reliable public transport system is nearly impossible without using a car.

Transport survey

Have your say — What is your experience of public transport for Market Drayton, and what would you like to have available for you to use? We are more likely to be offered better services if we can show that there is a demand. Take part in the survey by clicking here.

Market Drayton Climate Action’s Transport working group has four recommendations for change

Read the report here.

Recommendation 1 – Connect Market Drayton to Whitchurch Railway Station by bus.

Recommendation 2 – The local bus service should be reorganised to take in more of the town and extend to outlying villages.

Recommendation 3 – Provide a bus service to connect Market Drayton to Telford Hospital.

Recommendation 4 – Provide some evening services.